Liquid Distribution Tank

Liquid Distribution Tank

Product Details

① This series of containers has heating and insulation function, according to the "Steel welding container Technical conditions" for manufacturing, test pressure and inspection.

IiLiquid Distribution TankThere are 100l-10000l various models for you to choose from, but also according to the actual needs of customers planning, processing.

③ container Insulation data selection of high temperature resistance, anti-aging pearl cotton. Tank interface selection of the world's universal ISO standard fast loading card disc type.

④ tank information is imported 316L or 304.

⑤ Tank belt liquid level meter, thermometer, tank wash ball, air respirator, sterilized steam port, manhole, inlet and outlet and circulatory system interface.


Internal shape: Vertical, horizontal barrel-shaped (inner tube contact with liquid)

Internal raw materials: 3042-B, 316L (imported)

Inner Finish: 0.28~0.45μm

Appearance raw MATERIAL: 304 mirror plate or sub-plate

Insulation data: Pearl cotton (high temperature resistance, anti-aging)

Appearance temperature: ≤20℃

Sterilization pressure: 0.15~0.3mpa or normal pressure

Sterilization Temperature: 121℃~132℃

Working pressure: Atmospheric

Operating Temperature: 80℃~95℃


Folding Microporous Membrane air filter (filtration of ≥0.01μm bacteria)

Liquid level meter interface (static pressure sensor type, ultrasonic wave, glass tube side position for selection)

Thermometer and Flowmeter interface (temperature sensor, flow valve)

Exhaust and safety valve interface (respirator with aseptic filtration)

Steam sterilization Filtration aseptic ventilation interface

Cleaning Ball Interface (360 degree rotation under low pressure)

Liquid Import and export (fast loading type)

Human hole

Visual Mirror

Lamp hole