Product Details

I. Overview

Concentration equipment is one of the main equipment in the production process of food factory, it uses vacuum evaporation or mechanical separation and other methods to achieve material concentration. Now, in order to improve the quality of concentrated products, widely used vacuum concentration, generally in the 18~8kpa low pressure state, steam direct heating method, the material liquid heating, so that it boiling evaporation at low temperature, so that the material temperature is low, and heating used steam and boiling liquid temperature increase, under the same heat transfer conditions, The evaporation rate is higher than when the normal pressure evaporates, which can reduce the loss of liquid nutrients and see the use of low pressure steam as the evaporation heat source. If you want to know about the Shredder series of products, such asAirflow Grinder, Frozen pulverizer and so on, you can pay attention to our official website or call for detailed consultation.

Second, the characteristics:

Under the same condition of preheating steam pressure, when the vacuum evaporation, the boiling point of the solution is low, the heat transfer temperature increase can reduce the heat transfer area of the transpiration, and the solution which can transpiration the high temperature is especially suitable for the evaporation of the thermal sensitive liquid in food production, and can use low pressure steam or waste steam as heating agent; ; It is beneficial to food preservation by heating and sterilizing the material liquid.