Chinese Herbal Air Drying machine

Chinese Herbal Air Drying machine

Product Details

First, the main use: This machine is suitable for water work spray, bubble cleaning materials after continuous air drying, sterilization of soy products, high and low temperature meat products, vegetable products and other bagged products drying work.

Second, the characteristics of the equipment:

1. After sterilization with a large number of residual water droplets, air drying machine useful to remove material surface water droplets, greatly shorten the labeling, packing preparation work, suitable for assembly line work, improve the degree of enterprise production automation.

2 air dryer. Compared with the traditional dry water removal method, the air drying machine is simple to operate and easy to use (just connect the power supply)! High water removal rate (up to 99% or more). And the appearance of the packaging without scale pollution.

3. Air drying machine can be directly boxed after water, air dryer to achieve continuous work (and continuous work sterilizer supporting the use), only to put the sterilized products into the transport network belt, through the drying machine generated by the airflow through the nozzle eruption, blowing dry wind temperature for normal temperature, air dryer useful to maintain the color and quality of the material itself. In order to achieve packaging water removal, oil stains, scale and other effects, can be boxed into the warehouse.

4. Selection of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel production, frequency conversion speed control, drying machine smooth operation, small size, high efficiency, detailed standard size can be customized according to customer requirements. And if you want to knowDrying Machine, you can also pay attention to our official website.