Traditional Chinese Medicine cleaning machine

Traditional Chinese Medicine cleaning machine

Product Details

First, the main use:

1, rhizome Category: Vegetables through the hair roller cleaning machine Cleaning peel-cut-on the material into the bubble cleaning machine cleaning, and then into the bleaching machine sterilization color, and then into the cooler for material cooling, cooling into the air dryer to water, the use of 18 Typhoon machine, useful to remove material appearance moisture, air drying into the selection, After selecting the unqualified material, the packing is carried out.

2, leaf vegetables: vegetables through the bubble cleaning machine for rough washing, mainly to the appearance and internal sediment, and then into two cleaning, remove material residue, after cleaning into the air dryer leachate, so as to carry out packaging.

Second, the characteristics of the equipment:

1) The single machine in the assembly line can be tailored according to the different processing characteristics of the users;

2) cleaning running speed stepless adjustable, users can be based on different cleaning content arbitrary settings;

3) The Machine compact structure, high degree of automation, suitable for a variety of processing planning enterprises to use.

Working principle: work because of the existence of Whirlpool air pump, in the pool to produce bubbles, so that the pool water tumbling, to achieve the purpose of product tumbling. The upper end of the equipment is equipped with high-pressure spray, the product in the pool tumbling, and then there is high-pressure water impact, to clean the kelp mucosa sand effect, impurities floating appearance, through the overflow mouth overflow, fine sand through the water cycle filtration, in the Impurity box deposition. Materials in the water violently tumbling agitation, cleaning water through filtration, by the circulating scour pump pressurized nozzle back, nozzle direction adjustable, the material by the nozzle ejected high-pressure water can be washed again, and drift towards the exit direction, export disposal to the scraper hoist, scraper hoist speed adjustable (conditioning scraper hoist speed to the required production capacity), The rushed material will be sent to the next process (according to user requirements in the exit scraper hoist on the add spray pipe, further spraying).

Note: My company belt dryer can be customized according to customer requirements, output, actual situation tailor-made design.