Pharmacy Washer

Pharmacy Washer

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The use of XT series washing machine:

This machine on Chinese herbal medicine, vegetables, fruit appearance of sediment, essence, has an outstanding cleaning effect, applicable to the diameter of more than 3mm rhizome, leather, seed, fruit, rattan, shell, mineral cleaning, is a large and medium-sized software chip processing, Chinese Medicine plant and hospital ambition cleaning equipment. If the various types ofMixing machineor dryer if necessary, welcome to call for detailed consultation.

The structural features of XT series Washing machine:

This machine selects the whole rotary type, the feed port, the outlet mouth, the cylinder all selects the stainless steel plate, and is equipped with the high pressure pump spray equipment, may choose the tap water to carry on the direct scour, the material from the internal spiral guide plate pushes forward, carries on the successive production, the automatic discharge, to the special kind can repeat the fine wash, until