Reciprocating cutting Machine

Reciprocating cutting Machine

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Overview, the main selection of the machine is belt conveyor, kneading roller tumbling automatic feed, gear adjustment cutting length. Widely used in Chinese herbal decoction plant, pharmaceutical factory, food factory cutting rhizome, fruit, leaves, whole grass, size handler and other Chinese herbal medicine cutting, together also applicable to food (green silk, preserved fruit) aquatic products (kelp silk), tobacco, tea and other things cutting processing.

The machine is composed of motor, rack, crankcase, cutter organization, conveyor belt, stepper organization and self-habit pressure organization. The crankcase drives the cutter tissue to produce the upper and lower reciprocating action; The crankcase shaft end is equipped with a connecting rod connected with the stepper organization, the stepping organization drives the conveyor belt to move forward, together with the pressure organization, the pressure tissue is equipped with a compression device, in the synchronous propulsion material at the same time can automatically get used to the thickness of the cut material