Square Vibrating Screen

Square Vibrating Screen

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The main uses and characteristics of the equipment:

FS Series Square Sieve system next-generation sieve powder equipment, the machine with its unique high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics by the broad user's welcome, widely used in medicine, chemical, food and other industries of various materials continuous sieve, according to user needs can be made into 1-4 layers of sieve surface.

The square sieve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, large treatment zui, low noise, corrosion resistance, low fault, long life, high productivity, adjustable amplitude, low energy consumption, convenient disassembly and cleaning, no dead angle, no dust flying and so on. Because of the large area of the square sieve, its output is larger than that of other vibrating screens. Vibrating screen work part fixed motionless, rely on the material sliding along the working face so that the material is screened.