Fried drug Machine

Fried drug Machine

Product Details

First, the characteristics and application range of the customary fried medicine machine

This machine is mainly applicable to Chinese herbal medicine fry, wheat frying, sand frying, vinegar frying, fried carbon tightness and other fried processing, can also be used for fruit frying processing and drying under medium temperature conditions. The machine is assembled from the frame cylinder FAR infrared electric heating pipe, insulation cotton, motor, pot wheel box, feed port, dust removal device and other components.

Second, the requirements of the customary fried drug machine

1. The machine has the composition of high quality angle steel, stainless steel plate, etc.

2. Cylinder body selected cast iron and steel plate or stainless steel coil, the cylinder in the direction of rotation of the drug, materials can be repeated fry, cylinder can be positive, back to turn, when turning the material, the rotation of the discharge;

3. In and out of the material mouth with stainless steel plate, yuan steel, steel pipe and so on to form a cylinder, when the forward transfer from the top of the feed cylinder rotation, from the bottom of the material;

4. Motor, worm gear box selection of GB outsourcing, cylinder positive, rotary by the button switch control;

5. The chimney leads to the cylinder body, will be the feeding mouth overturned, can be stewed fry, at the same time can be the cylinder body dust, soot out of the outdoor;

6. The bracket is made of cast iron wheel and stainless steel to adhere to the cylinder balance;

7. Heating pipe Far Infrared electric heating, the selection of high-quality 10# steel and other made, a total of two groups, each group of 9;

8. Insulation selection of high-quality high-temperature aluminum silicate insulation cotton, to achieve heat resistance, insulation effect.