Swing Granulator

Swing Granulator

Product Details

I. Overview:

ThisYK160 Swing granule Machineis a kind of wet powder mixing, in the rotary drum positive, reverse rotation effect, so that the material mandatory through the drum triangle bar and screen made of particles of special equipment. The machine is mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, food and other industries to manufacture a variety of specifications of particles, drying into a variety of molded products, the machine can also be used to destroy condensed into a block of dry materials, all materials contact at the use of stainless steel data manufacturing, mixed Granulator needs can call for detailed consultation or attention to our official website.

Second, the characteristics:

1. Compact structure, elegant appearance, easy cleaning, simple operation, high output, low energy consumption level of strength.

2. Material contact Office are made of high-quality stainless steel manufacturing and polishing treatment, good finish, easy to clean, low noise, no material, easy to operate, repair, in line with GMP requirements