Fast Granulator

Fast Granulator

Product Details

I. Overview:

Operation when the heat is small, less dust, stator screen from stainless steel plate processing, not easy to damage, damage knife and screen voids adjustable can handle sticky, gum, hot and humid materials

Second, the use of rapid granulator:

Dry type, wet particle homogenization, whole grain, wet material, granulation, mass material damage, whole grain, thermal sensitive material damage

Third, the characteristics:

The particle shapes and standards obtained by various granulation processes and equipment vary. After the granulation particles through the machine high-speed rotation of the blade combination cut, through the mesh plate discharge, you can get the shape and standard basic common particles, all parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, the appearance of polishing, installation and cleaning is very convenient. RightYK160 Swing granule MachineThere is a need to call for consultation to negotiate.