High efficiency sugar coating machine

High efficiency sugar coating machine

Product Details

Working principle and structural characteristics

1. Working principle

In order for the chip to be evenly coated and crystallized on its surface layer as soon as possible, and to achieve the polishing intention, it is necessary to use manual operation on the pot chip sub-spray double sugar paddle + mixed pulp, through the pot body clockwise rotation, so that the sugar-coated film in the pot tumbling, slip conflict grinding, so that it is evenly distributed on all cores, together to the pot through the hot air, remove the surface moisture of the tablet To get qualified sugar coating pills.

This machine is for this purposeSugar Coating MachineThe process supplies a better pot body, with a stable line speed to ensure that the tablet in the pot to form a better logistics curve, in order to satisfaction with its sugar-coated layer uniform thickness, color brightness, do not occur the process requirements of Hemp point.

2. Structural features

The movement of the ① machine

This machine is a one-way low-speed continuous rotation of the coating equipment, the main motor through the belt drive-worm worm wheel drive to drive the pot body rotation.

② Structural Features

A, in the machine are equipped with conditioning tissue, can be used units according to the volume of tablets and material Exchange performance to adjust the tilt point of view of the sugar-coated pot. (The dosage of this machine is based on the inclination of the pot body at 30?)

B, the selection of worm worm wheel as the transmission terminal output, with smooth work, pot body can not rotate the characteristics.

C, hot air boring equipment choose hair dryer to heat.

Protection and maintenance of safety technology

1. Lubricating oil in the gearbox and the inner cavity grease of the rolling bearing shall be replaced regularly.

2, sugar-coated pot such as long time do not wipe clean, and on its surface oiled to prevent the pot body copper oxidation or moisture after the occurrence of toxic copper compounds.

3, in order to ensure that the gearbox in the gearbox to pay the lubrication conditions, the operation of the box temperature rise must not exceed 50? C.

4, worm shaft end of the oil-proof seal ring should be regularly checked for replacement (generally not beyond six months).

5, the machine must be firmly grounded, its grounding resistance should be ≤4ω

6, do not arbitrarily remove electrical appliances and belt protective cover.

The use of machines

This machine is for the pharmaceutical industry will be molded chips for uniform outer coating and polishing machinery. can also be used in the food industry sugar block mechanism pills or coating.

Coated polished sugar-coated film, its color bright surface, its surface sugar after crystallization of a good consolidation cladding, but also to prevent the chip oxidation spoilage, moisture or evaporation, but also to conceal the chip to take the taste of discomfort, to achieve the pill easy to identify and ease the dissolution in the human gut and other effects.