High efficiency wet mixing granulator

High efficiency wet mixing granulator

Product Details

First, the working principle of wet granulation machine:

Powder materials and adhesives in cylindrical containers by the bottom mixing slurry fully mixed to form moist soft material, and then by the side of the high-speed crushing paddle cut into uniform wet particles.

Second, the characteristics of wet granulation machine:

1, the machine adopts horizontal cylindrical structure, reasonable structure.

2, inflatable seal drive shaft, cleaning can be switched to water.

3, fluidized granulation, granulation approximate spherical, good fluidity.

4, more than the traditional process to reduce 25% adhesives, drying time is shortened.

5, each batch only dry mixed 2 minutes, granulation 1-4 minutes, ergonomics than the traditional process progress 4-5 times.

6, in the same closed container to complete, dry mixed-wet mixing-granulation, process shortening.

7, the whole operation has strict safety protection measures.

8, can be made according to user requirements clamp type. If you want to knowYK160 Swing granule Machine, you can follow our official website or call for detailed consultation.