Dry granulation Machine

Dry granulation Machine

Product Details

First, the principle

The use of the crystalline water to guess the powder directly into the granules of new equipment, reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, easy to clean and maintain.

The granules can be pressurized tablets, granules, capsules and so on. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries granulation. Especially suitable for wet process can not be treated granules granulation, in addition to dry granulator, at the same time our company also producesYK160 Swing granule Machine, interested in welcome calls to inquire OH.

Second, the use of

* Medicine: Tablet granules, capsule filled granules, etc.

* Food: Granules for food production, seasoning granules, etc.

* Plastics: various plastic molded particles

* Chemical Industry: catalysts, pigments, detergents and other particles

Iii. Features

* Dry powder particle density is uniform, the disintegrating degree is good, the material forming rate is high.

* Special feeding structure to ensure effective feeding.

* Rolling mixed water cycle cooling, to ensure that the phenomenon of material adhesion Kun is not presented

* Do not need water or ethanol and other wetting agent, do not need two heating drying, less process, high efficiency, low cost

* The use of advanced electric hydraulic, simple and reliable operation, high degree of automation

* No pollution in sealing operation to meet drug hygiene requirements

* Especially suitable for granulation of materials that cannot be treated by wet method.