Boiling granulation Dryer

Boiling granulation Dryer

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Boiling granulationDrying Boxis a mixing, granulation, drying in the same closed container once completed equipment (that is, a step granulator).

How it works:

Material powder particles, in the material container (fluidized bed) in a circular fluidization condition, by the purified heating air preheating and mixing, the adhesive solution atomization spray into, so that a number of particles gathered into the pellets containing adhesives, because the hot air on the continuous drying of materials, the water evaporation in the mission particles, sticky agent condensation, this process is repeated , the formation of aspiring, uniform multi-microporous spherical particles.


The machine is simple to operate, easy to clean, easy to repair, not only granulation but also fast drying. Granulation, mixing and drying end in the same closed room to prevent contamination by touching the outside world.  To ensure that the connotation quality of drug particles in line with the "GMP" requirements. This machine touch material parts are made of 1cr18ni9ti stainless steel. This machine heat energy is divided into steam heating and electric heating, control part of the ordinary type and computer type, any user choice.

Features: After powder granulation, improve fluidity, reduce dust flying, after powder granulation to improve its dissolution function, mixing, granulation, drying in a machine to end a step of the legal particles, the selection of anti-static filter cloth, equipment operation Safety, set pressure discharge hole, in the event of explosion, equipment personnel do not be harmed, equipment without dead angle, loading and unloading Rinse clean, satisfied with GMP specification. Scope of Use: granulation in the pharmaceutical industry: tablet granules, granule particles, capsule granules. Granulation of the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular juice, condiments and so on. Other industries: Pesticides, feed, fertilizers, pigments, dye chemicals, such as powdery or granular wet materials drying. Coating: granules, pill protective layer, color preparation, slow release, film, intestinal coating and so on.