Coating machine

Coating machine

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bg-series of high-efficiency coating machine, the selection of a new type of microcomputer plc, and temperature module control system, touch screen graphics display, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving, clean and safe, in line with GMP requirements, widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industry, tablets, pills, sweets, chocolates and other water-soluble film coating, organic film coating, is an ideal coating equipment, want to understand the other mixer series of products, you can pay attention to our official website or call for detailed consultation.

  Sugar Coating Machineis a kind of tablets, pills, sweets and other organic film coating, water-soluble film clothing, slow, controlled release coating of an efficient, energy-saving, safe, clean mechatronics equipment. Coating machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other occupations. According to the pot body material can be divided into stainless steel, copper two kinds. According to the heat exchange efficiency can be divided into perforated coating machine, hole-free coating machine two kinds. According to production capacity is divided into two types and test type. Compared with the new technology, the experimental high-efficiency coating machine has the ability to 0.2kg,1kg,3kg,5kg,8kg,13kg the same machine, which greatly improves the practicability of the coating machine applied to the research.