• Boiling granulation Dryer

    Boiling granulation DryerOverview: Boiling Granulator is a set of mixing, granulation, drying in the same closed container once completed equipment (that is, one-steContact Now

  • Swing Granulator

    Swing GranulatorFirst, overview: This machine is a kind of wet powder mixing, in the rotary drum positive, reverse rotation effect, so that the material manContact Now

  • Fast Granulator

    Fast GranulatorFirst, overview: The operation of small heat, less dust, stator screen from stainless steel plate processing, not easy to damage, damage kniContact Now

  • Dry granulation Machine

    Dry granulation MachineFirst, the principle of the use of guessed crystalline water, direct powder into particles of new equipment, reasonable structure, stable anContact Now

  • High efficiency wet mixing granulator

    High efficiency wet mixing granulatorFirst, wet granulator working principle: Powder materials and adhesives in cylindrical containers by the bottom mixing slurry fully mixed toContact Now

  • Coating machine

    Coating machinebg-series of high-efficiency coating machine, the selection of a new type of microcomputer plc, and temperature module control system, touchContact Now

  • High efficiency sugar coating machine

    High efficiency sugar coating machineWorking principle and structural characteristics 1, working principle in order to make the chip as soon as possible in its surface layer eveContact Now