Vacuum Feeding Machine

Vacuum Feeding Machine

Product Details

Vacuum feeder is in the extensive absorption of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of the development of new products, now it is the domestic more advanced, ideal, perfect powder, granular material, powdered material mixture of vacuum transport equipment. Vacuum feeding function automatically transports a variety of materials to the packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer and other equipment hopper, but also can directly transport the mixed materials to the mixer, reducing the labor intensity of workers, dealing with the dust spill when feeding and other issues; Vacuum feeder using compressed air as power source, drive vacuum generator negative pressure is vacuum, in order to achieve the delivery of materials, this vacuum feeding machine has small size, simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation of the control system. At the same time, the equipment is useful to prevent material static electricity, it compares the electric pump vacuum feeding machine has the advantage of low noise, it constitutes a vacuum that is high negative pressure so that the transport of materials to eliminate the stratification phenomenon, so that the mixing of material uniformity has been ensured, is the pharmaceutical professional press, capsule filler, dry granulator, packaging machine, Pulverizer, Vibrating screen and other equipment of the automatic feeding of the preferred equipment, in line with GMP requirements.

Product Features

1. Safety: No electrical energy, mechanical energy can be controlled and run the entire system only through compressed air, the equipment can be useful to prevent material static electricity;

2. Abbreviated: Automatic control, in 0-30 seconds feel free to set the suction and discharge time, operation is simple, convenient;

3. Health: In line with GMP standards, to meet CIP requirements, especially suitable food, medicine and other requirements of the high operating environment to use;

4. Economy: A machine can be used in turn for multiple sets of equipment, no heating machine, standby, low maintenance costs; suitable for a number of feed to one place to transport;

5. Energy Saving: no power and other power, no heat occurrence in the operation process, safety and explosion-proof;

6. Lightweight: Small size, light weight, simple and convenient device;

7. Quiet: No vibration, low noise;

8. Cleaning: dust-free operation, cleaning and material exchange is convenient and convenient.