Lifting Machine

Lifting Machine

Product Details

Hoist is a large mechanical equipment, such as mine hoist and over-dam hoist, which is transported by changing potential energy. Broadly speaking, elevators, Skycar, rolling, stable cars, cranes, hoists and so on can be called hoist. Lifting conveyor generally refers to large mechanical equipment with large power and strong lifting ability. Through the power machinery to drag the flexible parts of the wire rope and the movement of goods up and down to complete the transport process, wire rope is an indispensable part of lifting machinery, the main varieties have phosphating coated wire rope, galvanized wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, glossy wire rope and so on.

Drive Power:

Low drive power, the use of inflow feeding, inductive unloading, large-capacity hopper-intensive layout. In the material lifting, there is no return and digging phenomenon, so the invalid power is less.

Lifting range:

A wide range of lifting machines, such hoist on the variety of materials, characteristics of less requirements, not only can improve the general powdery, small granular materials, and can enhance the grinding of larger materials. Good sealing, less environmental pollution.

Operating capability:

Good operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods, to ensure the reliability of the operation of the whole machine, trouble-free time beyond 20,000 hours. High lifting height. The hoist runs smoothly, thus reaching a higher lifting height.