Horizontal Conveyor

Horizontal Conveyor

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Conveyor has a long history, the ancient Chinese high-turn car and water lifting overturned, is the modern bucket hoist and scraper conveyor prototype. Horizontal conveyor is the main mode of bulk material transportation at present. The direction is variable, the movement can change the shipping direction, can reach 180 degrees when the Zui is large, the conveyor, each unit consists of 8 rollers, each unit can be used independently, can also be used by multiple units, installation bento, conveyor telescopic freely, a unit Zui long and Zui short condition ratio can reach 3 times times.

According to the use of classification, there are General mobile, downhole selection, open-pit mining fixed type, special structure type, removable conveyor, loader special reprint function type, large inclination conveyor, etc., in general, short distance plant transport aircraft can end the level, on or off, reversible striped belt machine can be used for two-way transportation of materials, The cantilever machine is generally installed on the stacker, and can be rotated to achieve the role of drainage or cloth, and by the door frame support of the elevated machine general cooperation other bulk treatment equipment used together, for example, in the construction of hydropower, can be equipped with a standard center structure, the rack is set on the sleeper, can be easily moved;