Skirt Strap Hoist

Skirt Strap Hoist

Product Details

Skirt Hoist Product Details:

Skirt hoist is mainly composed of rack, conveyor belt, belt Roller, tensioning equipment, transmission equipment and so on. The fuselage is made of high quality steel plate, which is composed of the concave and convex difference of the front and rear legs, and the plane is tilted with the certain viewpoint. The rack is equipped with belt rollers, rollers, etc., for driving and supporting the delivery of belts. There are two ways of deceleration motor drive and electric drum drive.

The leather conveyor belt moves according to the principle of conflict transmission, according to the shipping process requirements, can be transported by a single station, but also can be more than one skirt lifting conveyor belt composition or with other transport equipment composition level or tilt of the delivery system, in order to be satisfied with the different placement methods of the work line requirements.