Laboratory Vacuum oven

Laboratory Vacuum oven

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For scientific research units, professional institutions, industrial and mining enterprises and other units of the laboratory, as well as production site, in a vacuum state of goods drying and heat treatment.Vacuum drying ovenThe heating and drying of articles in a vacuum state has the following advantages;

⑴ can reduce the drying temperature.

⑵ avoid some items to be heated to oxidize.

⑶ avoid warming the air to kill biological cells.

⑷ no dust damage.

II. Technical Parameters

Third, the characteristics of product structure

1. Box selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, external electrostatic powder spraying, strong and strong coating, with a strong anti-rust ability.

2. Studio for high-quality stainless steel plate, round angle modeling, smooth, circulation, easy to clean.

3. Between the box and the studio, filling ultra-fine glass cotton insulation material, with a good insulation function, effectively ensure the stability and accuracy of the temperature in the box and the impact on the use of the environment.

4. The box door is a double-layer glass structure, can clear the observation box heating items, but also has a good thermal insulation effect. Can effectively avoid burning operators.

5. A heat-resistant rubber seal ring is installed between the studio and the glass door to ensure a high vacuum in the box.

6. Heater device in the working room wall outside the exterior of the Zui is likely to improve the uniformity of temperature in the box, and easy to clean indoors.

7. Temperature control selection of microcomputer intelligent digital skills manufacturing, with industrial PID self-tuning and four-bit dual led window indication function, high temperature control accuracy, anti-disturbance can be extremely strong, and operation is very convenient.

Iv. Commissioning of Product installations

1, transport attention do not force on the glass, also do not bump the box.

2, this equipment after landing, should be placed smoothly as the ground uneven should be corrected.

3. Please do not use the instrument in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.

4, the equipment should be away from the source of electromagnetic disturbance, and the equipment of the grounding line effectively grounded.

5, the equipment in normal operation, the contents of the box should not touch the inner wall.

6, the power cord does not matter by the back, also do not let the instrument or other items pressed on the power cord, to avoid damage to the power cord five, product use instructions

1) Open the box door, put the pending items into the box shelf, close the box door. and close the discharge valve, open the vacuum valve, connect the vacuum pump pumping, so that the box to reach the required vacuum, close the vacuum valve and close the vacuum pump power supply.

2) switch on the power supply, the power plug into the power outlet, the panel on the power switch placed in the "on" position, at this time the meter appears digital display, indicating that the device into the working state. By operating the temperature manipulator, set the temperature in the box you need 3) the instrument begins to work, the temperature in the box gradually reaches the set value, through the required boring processing time, the processing work is completed.

4) Closed power supply, waiting for the temperature in the box close to the ambient temperature, open the inflatable valve, lift the vacuum in the box. Open the box door and remove the object.