• Vacuum oven

    Vacuum ovenFirst, the overview of the so-called vacuum drying, is to dry materials in the vacuum conditions, heating and drying, and the use of vacuum Contact Now

  • Hot air Circulating oven

    Hot air Circulating ovenFirst, overview of hot air circulation oven is the traditional drying room replacement products, after several upgrades, so that the efficieContact Now

  • High temperature oven

    High temperature ovenGW Series high temperature oven has good temperature uniformity, a variety of flexible air supply mode, mature and reliable control system, Contact Now

  • Dry Thermal sterilization Cabinets

    Dry Thermal sterilization CabinetsI. Overview, 1.  DMH Series Dry thermal sterilization oven, combined with foreign manufacturing advantages, carefully designed and developedContact Now

  • Two-dimensional motion mixer

    Two-dimensional motion mixerFirst, the principle: two-dimensional motion mixer is mainly composed of rotary cylinder, rocker frame, rack three parts. The rotary cylindeContact Now

  • Boiling granulation Dryer

    Boiling granulation DryerOverview: Boiling Granulator is a set of mixing, granulation, drying in the same closed container once completed equipment (that is, one-steContact Now

  • Pressing machine

    Pressing machinePressing dewatering machine is a hydraulic press, hydraulic press has the advantage of high pressure, large tonnage, we can according to youContact Now

  • Shredding Machine

    Shredding MachineThe main operating part of the Crusher (Shredder) is a pair of relatively rolling rollers, and the rollers are fitted with helical rows of tContact Now

  • Concentrator

    ConcentratorFirst, the overview of enrichment equipment is one of the main equipment in the production process of food factory, it uses vacuum evaporatiContact Now

  • Mezzanine pot

    Mezzanine potMezzanine pot also known as steam pot, cooking pot, mezzanine steam pot. It is generally composed of a pot body and a foot. The pot body is Contact Now

  • Liquid Distribution Tank

    Liquid Distribution Tank① This series of containers has heating and insulation function, according to the "Steel welding container Technical conditions" for manufacContact Now

  • Chinese Herbal Air Drying machine

    Chinese Herbal Air Drying machineFirst, the main use: This machine is suitable for water work spray, bubble cleaning materials after continuous air drying, sterilization of Contact Now

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