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How to deal with the blockage of 30B Universal grinder
- 2019-01-24-

The Shredder blockage is30B Universal GrinderOne of the common problems in use may be the problem in the design of the machine, but it is more due to the improper use of the operation of the formation. Below Nanjing Runyang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. for you to sum up the relatively easy to appear three kinds of faults and summed up the 30B Universal grinder operating precautions, with all of us to share.

1, feed speed is too fast, the load increases, the formation of obstruction. In the feeding process, we should always pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection point of view is large, if beyond the rated current, indicating that the motor overload, long time overload, will burn the motor. In this case, the material door should be reduced or closed immediately, and the feed method can be changed to control the feed quantity by adding a feeder. Feeder has manual, automatic two, the user should choose the appropriate feeder according to the actual situation. Because of the high speed of the grinder, the load is large, and the load fluctuation is strong. Therefore, the 30B universal grinder when working the current is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

2, the discharge pipe is not smooth or block the feed too fast, will make the grinder air vent blockage, and the delivery equipment mismatch will form the discharge pipe wind weakened or no wind after blocking death. After detecting the problem, we should first kiyotsu the delivery port change mismatch of the shipping equipment, adjust the feed volume, so that the normal operation of the equipment.

3, hammer pieces, aging, screen hole closed, tattered, crushed material moisture content is too high will make the grinder blocked. should be regularly updated broken and severe aging hammer, to maintain a good working condition of the grinder, and regularly check the screen, crushing material moisture content should be less than 14%, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also make the grinder does not block, enhance the reliability of the pulverizer work.

When the grinder is in use, it is easy to form a fault if it is not operated properly.

1, the operator should read this instruction manual, familiar with the performance of the machine, structure and use of operating methods, and according to the design of this manual device debugging, use and maintenance.

2, it is necessary to strictly according to the spindle speed of various types of Pulverizer to choose the speed of supporting power, telling: Strictly prohibit the progress of the spindle speed.

3, crushed materials should be removed from the mixed wire and stone and other hard objects, note: Should avoid feeding in the machine, otherwise the formation of sieve, hammer and other parts of the damage.

4, the operator feeding, should stand on the side of the feeding port, guard against hard objects from the feeding mouth to fly out of injury, telling: Stop the use of iron bars, wooden sticks, and do not promise to reach into the feeding port of the cordon, sometimes large, can be used with a harder crop straw to promote the Shredder's crushing chamber.

5, work, should pay attention to bearing temperature can not exceed 55 ℃, if there is overheating phenomenon should be immediately parked to see, to avoid burning bearings, spindle and so on.