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Take you to understand the use and characteristics of vacuum dryers
- 2019-02-26-

      Vacuum Drying Boxis designed for dry thermal sensitivity, easy to differentiate and oxidizing substances, work can make the work room adhere to the necessary vacuum, and can be filled into the internal inert gas, especially some of the ingredients messy items can also be quickly dried, the use of intelligent digital temperature conditioner for temperature setting, display and control. Vacuum dryers are designed for dry thermal sensitivity, easy to differentiate and oxidizing substances, and are able to flush inert gases into the interior, especially for items with messy ingredients that can also be dried quickly.

Vacuum drying box for the older drying equipment, the box is divided into several layers of heating plate. Heating plate into the hot water or low-pressure steam as a heating medium, the shop to be dried drugs on the plate on the heating plate, close the box door, the box with a vacuum pump into the vacuum. The heating plate heats the drug to a specified temperature during the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the moisture begins to evaporate and is gradually pumped away with the vacuum. This equipment is easy to control, can condense and recycle the evaporated solvent, the drying process of the drug is not easy to be polluted, can be used in drug drying, package sterilization and heat treatment.

In the 80 's, the API industry used this equipment as the main dryer, but because it is not easy to carry on-line cleaning and online sterilization of the tray, drying speed is slow, the labor intensity of workers is large, and in order to achieve the homogeneity of drugs, after drying also through the mixing of mixing powder equipment, the current API production has been rarely used, more Small test production or package material heat treatment life force Air compressor accessories. Vacuum drying box is widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research and application areas, powder drying, baking and all kinds of glass containers disinfection and sterilization. Especially suitable for dry thermal sensitivity, easy to differentiate, oxidizing substances and messy components of the goods for rapid and efficient drying treatment.

Vacuum drying box can make the working room adhere to the certain vacuum degree and choose Intelligent Digital temperature conditioner for temperature setting, display and control. The temperature conditioner selects computer technology to collect and process the temperature signal in the working room, which can make the temperature of the working room automatically adhere to the thermostat. The temperature control system belongs to P.I.D intelligent temperature control, reliable function, easy to use.