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Take you to understand the characteristics and structure of 30B universal grinder
- 2019-01-24-

Crushing technology is a high-tech processing technology, it breaks the bottleneck of crushing industry, and promotes the development of powder processing industry. Airflow crushing is to break the dry material through mechanical force to more than 500 mesh, also known as cell wall breaking, through the airflow crushing material surface area added, physical properties change and make it more useful value. Crushing equipment including mechanical30B Universal CrushingMachineAir-flow ultra-micro-pulverizer, in which ultra-micro 30B Universal Pulverizer in various industries are more common use.

30B Universal Grinder plays an important role in many fields, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields, it is attributed to high-tech processing technology equipment. Below, Runyang's small series for you to introduce, 30B Universal grinder features and structure.

30B Universal Grinder is the selection of supersonic airflow crushing, cold slurry crushing and other methods, and the past pure mechanical crushing method is completely different. In the crushing process will not produce part of the overheating phenomenon, and even can be crushed at low temperature, fast, instantaneous can be completed, so zui large limit to retain the biological active ingredients of the powder, in order to facilitate the production of the required high-quality products. Due to the selection of supersonic airflow crushing, the dispersion of the force on the raw material is appropriate and uniform. The setting of the grading system not only severely restricts the large particles, but also prevents the fragmentation, and gets the ultrafine powder with uniform particle size dispersion, and at the same time adds the specific surface area of the powder to a large extent, so that the adsorption, solubility and so on are increased accordingly.

Features of 30B Universal grinder:

1, high power. The full use of jet energy, than the traditional 30B universal grinder to improve 30% of the crushing power, grading machine selection of my company's patented technology design, particle size ultra-narrow dispersion gathering.

2, multi-purpose. One machine multi-use, can be used as a grinder can also use as a classifier alone. The particle size range of crushing is wide, and the particle size of the product is adjusted arbitrarily in the 1~74um range.

3, green Environmental protection. Low temperature, no media crushing, to ensure the purity of the product and physical and chemical characteristics. The equipment runs without dust pollution in the state of negative pressure.

4, wear small. "30B Universal Grinder + High precision turbine classifier" can be high purity, ultra-narrow processing ultra-micro powder, to prevent the "spray + horizontal classifier" crushing part of the wear, and "fluidized bed + horizontal classifier" grading part of the wear, especially suitable for high hardness, high purity material airflow crushing.

5, the output is large. When producing products with extremely narrow particle size dispersion, the product rate is more than 1 time times higher than the traditional spray-type, ordinary 30B universal Pulverizer.

6, intelligent. Equipment can achieve automatic control, simple operation, stable operation, more intelligent equipment.