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What do you know about the characteristics of vacuum drying ovens?
- 2019-01-24-

  Vacuum drying oven, it is a kind of box drying equipment which dries the dry material under the condition of negative pressure. It works by using a vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidification, so that the working room to form a vacuum condition, reduce the boiling point of water, accelerate the speed of drying. Vacuum oven, is the drying material under the condition of negative pressure drying of a box type vacuum oven can be at a lower temperature to obtain a higher drying rate, heat use abundant, the primary application of thermal sensitive materials and containing capacitive agents and the need to recover solvent materials drying. Before drying can be disinfected treatment, drying process must not have any debris mixed, the dryer attributed to the static vacuum dryer, so the formation of dry materials will not be damaged. Heating methods are: steam, hot water, heat conduction oil, electric heating. Vacuum ovens are designed for dry thermal sensitivity, easy differentiation and oxidizing substances, and can be filled with inert gases internally, especially for items with complex components that can also be dried quickly.

Vacuum oven The product has the following characteristics:

1, cuboid Studio, so that the useful volume reached Zui large, microcomputer temperature controller, accurate temperature control.

2, tempered, bulletproof double-glazed door observation of the working room object, at a glance.

3, the box closed and elastic energy conditioning, all molded silicone rubber door seal ring, to ensure a high vacuum in the box.

4, the studio using stainless steel plate (or drawing plate) made to ensure that the product is durable.

5, storage, heating, testing and drying are carried out in the absence of oxygen or filled with inert gas environment, so will not oxidize.

6, Zui short heating time, and the traditional drying oven than the heating moment cut by more than 50%. Vacuum oven because it is supplied by electricity heat, and wet items will conduct electricity, so in the use of care should be careful not to have leakage phenomenon, so the general oven should be grounded to ensure safety. If there is no ground line also to confirm that the oven does not leak leakage phenomenon, if there is a slight leakage phenomenon, you can try to pull the socket after pulling the pin in the opposite direction and then insert, if there is no leakage phenomenon can be used beware, if there is still leakage phenomenon should be immediately discontinued.

Widely used in medicine, metallurgy, electronic hardware, food, chemical, PCB baking and other industries. Drying equipment It works by using a vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidification, making the working room form a vacuum condition, descending the boiling point of the water, and accelerating the drying speed.