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How to distinguish the quality of dry box
- 2019-02-23-

      Drying Boxis based on the different dry substances, divided into electric blast dryer and vacuum dryer Two categories, today has been widely used in chemical, electronic communications, plastics, cables, electroplating, hardware, cars, optoelectronics, rubber products, molds, spraying, printing, medical, aerospace and institutions of higher learning and other industries. Huge market demand, so that the variety of drying boxes, product construction quality is also different, in order to make people more clear understanding of the dryer, with a pair of eyes to identify the quality of the dryer. Drying boxes are widely used in various industries, such as: electronic components drying, industry and agriculture, medical and health, plastic machinery, colleges and universities and scientific research departments of the production workshop or laboratory.

First of all, from the structural analysis, the general drying box shell is the choice of cold-rolled steel plate production, but from the thickness of the big, different but very large. Because of the vacuum environment inside the vacuum dryer, in order to avoid atmospheric pressure of the box, its shell thickness should be larger than the blast dryer, the general selection of steel plate thicker quality the better, service life is also longer. In order to facilitate the investigation, in the dryer box doors are equipped with glass windows, generally tempered glass and inlaid door on the ordinary glass, Wuhan still test the production of dry box door All choose tempered glass, although the price is slightly more expensive, but the appearance of beautiful, about the safety of operators is a powerful guarantee. From the outside and inside, the inner gall of the drying box has two kinds of selection, one is galvanized plate, the other is mirror stainless steel. Galvanized plate in the long-term use of the process is easy to rust, not conducive to maintenance; mirror stainless steel appearance neat, easy to maintain, long service life, is the market high-end internal gall raw materials, but the price is slightly higher than galvanized plate. The sample shelf of the inner gall usually has two layers, which can be added according to the customer's request. Because the quality of the sample rack is limited by stainless steel, and more added shelves are not conducive to the internal hot air cycle, increase the quality requirements of the fan, so the cost of each plus a shelf between 300 yuan.

Speaking of temperature, we have to talk about insulation and sealing. At present, the domestic drying box insulation raw materials are mainly fiber cotton, a few choose polyurethane, the following talk about the different characteristics of the two raw materials. From the insulation effect, polyurethane temperature resistance and adiabatic effect is better than fiber cotton, general polyurethane can make the high temperature in the box in a large number of hours to maintain stability, it is worth mentioning that the high efficiency insulation function of polyurethane, can effectively avoid the outside of the box temperature excessive scalding operator. Fiber Cotton raw material drying box at high temperature, can only rely on the temperature controller non-stop control and conditioning, to maintain the stability of the temperature in the box, so greatly added the fan and controller of the working strength, and then reduce the service life of the dryer. In terms of late protection, because polyurethane is the entire injection molding into the box, post-repair is particularly cumbersome, before repair needs to be all polyurethane pulled out, repaired and then injection into. and fiber cotton will not be so laborious, the operation is abbreviated. After Zui from the market, the price of fiber cotton is very cheap, and can meet most of the insulation requirements, widely used, Wuhan Shang Test proposition: Fiber cotton finer, the larger the thickness, the higher the quality of insulation. Drying box sealing is generally the choice of anti-aging silicone rubber, sealing effect is very good.

In the cycle heating function, the selection of fans is very important, mainly domestic and imported two kinds of fans. Low noise and high function fan, in the use of the process will not occur in the domestic fan such noise, and the circulation of good, fast heating. Of course, the details can also be selected according to the needs of customers.