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Teach you how to improve the market competitiveness of hot air circulating drying oven
- 2019-01-24-

Later, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries,Hot air circulating drying ovenUse was common in the past. With the rapid development of drying technology in China, the competition between oven equipment manufacturers is becoming more and more intense. And how to move forward the market competition force has become a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises development problems. After the hot air circulation oven should be reformed in the following aspects!

1, pay attention to the average temperature of the hot air cycle oven is a function that customers are very fond of, but also to distinguish the same oven quality of the important goal. Oven in the constant temperature stage, although the control instrument temperature base are relatively shaken, but the temperature of each point in the box is not the same, which can constitute a non-opposite status of the sample heat is not the same. Before consumption, the enterprise mainly should deal with the hot air circulation oven Stop complete review, remove the element of damage occurred.

2, the progress of energy-saving so that hot air cycle oven more energy-saving about consumer enterprises is very important, but also to reduce costs of a major key. Insiders have shown that the energy-saving nature of the forward hot air cycle oven can be started from these viewpoints: forward hot air cycle oven inlet air temperature, reduce drying equipment outlet exhaust gas temperature, do a good job of drying trivial insulation mission, add a variety of heat loss of drying process. In addition, the material into the hot air cycle oven, through filtration, centrifugation or evaporator evaporation, such as pre-dehydration disposal, can add to guess the solid content, thus reducing the evaporation load of the oven, is also an ineffective way to save energy for drying equipment.

3, no interspersed purification industry insiders show that in the hot air cycle oven and planning to prevent interspersed purification, because of the two-door oven, a door is located in level 100,000, one is located in cleanliness. With regard to aseptic requirements such as pharmaceuticals, the corresponding environmental level is cleanliness, so the whole process of sterilization and heat source in the oven should be carried out under the protection of laminar flow cleanliness.

4, non-standard customization followed the development of the era, non-standard customization more and more become the needs of customers. Satisfied with the process requirements are the purpose of the equipment, now there are many oven manufacturers on the market can supply non-standard equipment in line with various process requirements. There are oven manufacturers will be required to dispose of the material through the appropriate cloth mechanism, such as star cloth machine, swing belt, grinder or granulator, distributed on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt through the same or two or three heating units composed of the channel, at will, a heating unit are equipped with air heating and circulation trivial, Each channel on the base has the same or two or three wet and trivial, in the conveyor belt through the period, hot air from the top down or from the bottom up through the delivery of the material on the belt, so that the material can be evenly monotonous. Now, the domestic hot air circulation oven through a number of promotion replacement, many suppliers launched the oven equipment has reached the world outside the advanced degree. In general, China's oven equipment market prospects are still very considerable, but in the new competition, only from time to time across the same type of goods, will further meet market demand.