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A brief analysis of the characteristics of three-dimensional sports mixer
- 2019-02-28-

Mixing machine is the use of mechanical force and gravity, etc., two or more materials evenly mixed together mechanical equipment. In the mixing process, the material touch surface area can also be increased to promote chemical reactions, and physical changes can be accelerated. Commonly used mixer is divided into gas and low viscosity liquid mixer, medium and high viscosity liquid and paste mixer, powdery and granular solid material mixing machinery four categories.

  Three-dimensional motion mixerA variety of materials can be composed of a uniform mixture, such as cement, sand, gravel and water mixed into concrete moisture, etc., can also increase the material touch surface area to promote chemical reactions, but also can speed up physical changes, such as granular solute added solvent, through the role of mixed machinery can speed up the dissolution of mixing. Three-dimensional sports mixer is a widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries and scientific research units of the novel material mixer, the function is very uniform mixed activity performance of powdery or granular materials, so that mixed materials to achieve zui good effect, the following we take a look at the characteristics of three-dimensional sports mixer and matters needing attention.

Features of three-dimensional motion mixer:

1, three-dimensional sports mixer mixed tube planning unique, the body of the inner wall after fine polishing, no dead angle, no pollution of materials, discharge materials under the action of self-weight smooth discharge, do not leave the remaining materials, with non-pollution, easy to discharge, non-material easy to clean and other advantages;

2, small vibration, low noise, random adjustable station, easy installation and maintenance, long service life;

3, because the mixed cylinder has a multi-directional movement, so that the cylinder body of the material mixing point, the mixing effect is significant, its mixing uniformity is higher than the general mixer uniformity, drug content uniformity error is lower than the general mixer, A three-dimensional motion mixer Zui a large volume than the general mixer Zui A large volume of 40% of the total volume of the cylinder to be more than 85% higher;

4, the material in a closed state for mixing, the working environment will not produce pollution;

5, the height is low, the rotation space is small, the building (skill interlayer) generally does not need the fetishized years layer, the penalty ground area is few.

Three-dimensional motion mixer considerations:

1, in the loading, unloading, three-dimensional sports mixer electric must be shut down to prevent electrical failure, resulting in unnecessary accidents;

2, three-dimensional motion mixer mixing is three-dimensional space mixing, in the material cylinder of the useful Baqa range plus safety protection bar, in order to avoid the occurrence of life safety accidents;

3, before the boot, do not stand before the cylinder to avoid accidental occurrence.