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30B Universal Grinder can achieve what kind of crushing effect?
- 2019-01-24-

Whole30B Universal GrinderComposed of silo, mechanical grinder, fan, cyclone, vibrating screen, liquid nitrogen tank, etc. Deep cold pulverizer system to liquid nitrogen as a cold source, crushed materials after cooling at low temperature to complete brittle fragile state, into the mechanical pulverizer cavity through the impeller high-speed rotation, materials and blades, teeth, materials and materials between repeated impact, collision, shear, conflict and other inductive effect, To achieve the crushing effect: the crushed material has the airflow sieve classifier to classify and collect: did not reach the fineness requirements of the material back silo continued to crush, most of the air conditioner back to the silo recycling.

The 30B Universal Pulverizer system in the material crushing process, its cold source constitutes a closed-circuit cycle system, so that the power is fully utilized to save energy consumption: The cold source temperature used for crushing can be reduced to minus 196 degrees, according to the brittle point temperature of the material, in the crushing process its temperature can be regulated, select Zui Good crushing temperature, Reduce energy consumption: crushing fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, or even reach micron μ fineness: The use of liquid nitrogen as a grinding medium, the completion of ultra-low temperature crushing, material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation and other inductive effects.

1, 30B Universal Grinder This product is very suitable for breaking up and blowing up at room temperature is not easy to break up and blow up materials, such as rubber, thermoplastics and so on.

2, the internal grading machine can obtain m display particle size distribution powder material.

3, more than the normal temperature break to blow up can obtain a very fine, better fluidity of the rubber powder, break and blow up after the powder molding is good.

4, can prevent dust blasting, odor purification and music.

5, the power required for a break is very low, you can move forward to break up the production of the machine.

6, break and blow up thermal sensitive materials will not be oxidized infection and heat and metamorphosis.

7, the application of multi-class materials high temperature brittleness difference, can be a selective break to the complex to blow up, such as rubber, metal and fiber tires.

Polymer material rubber as a G elastic material at room temperature, through the process to reduce the high temperature, so that it is brittle materials, and adhere to the high temperature break blowing up the break and blow up, you can get the ideal break blowing up the result, this is other break blowing up the method is not replaced, its made of rubber powder particle size is small, outside regular.