Teach you how to better maintain 30B universal grinder
- 2019-01-24-

      30B Universal GrinderBefore use, to whether all fasteners are fastened, the main direction of operation of the spindle is correct, to avoid damage to the machine. The grinder shall perform lubrication work in accordance with the rules in order to allow the machine to function properly. Before adding the material to the grinder, there can be no clutter mixed in to avoid damaging the grinder. 30B Universal Grinder In the absence of foreign bodies or debris, if there should be timely treatment, to avoid damage to the tool. In the use of the shredder, if there are abnormalities should be dealt with immediately, to avoid causing greater loss. Some parts should be viewed periodically and replaced immediately if there is damage.

30B Universal Grinder is a equipment that uses the method of high speed rotation strike of crushed blades and separation by air airflow cyclone to realize the ultrafine crushing of dry materials. It is composed of feeding port, collector tank, crushing chamber, high speed motor and so on. Material from the feeding port into the crushing chamber, by the high-speed rotating blade hit and crushed, the high-speed rotation of the blade also caused the flow of air flow, so that the crushed material to the crushing tank, the airflow through the filter bag discharge, complete the crushing. Planning ingenious, the advantages of mechanical crushing, airflow crushing combined in one, special structure of the knife type, greatly expanded the crushing range, to adapt to the user's demand for a variety of materials crushing. Small size, light weight, compared to other types of pulverizer at this level, greatly reduce the volume of weight reduction, can be placed on the table for use, especially for laboratory users. Good handling, the machine is a continuous feed type, connected to the power supply, one person can be used.

30B Universal Grinder How to maintain, the production process, must often check the temperature rise of the bearing, when the temperature rise of more than 50 ℃, should be stopped to view, to find out the cause is and troubleshoot. When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to elongate, should pay attention to adjust the appropriate tightness of the belt, to ensure the working life of the belt. Wear parts should be viewed frequently and replaced in a timely manner to ensure production quality and production volume. Blades, liners to often check the wear situation, if worn, production rate decline, granularity thickening found wear after replacement. Mainframe and graded flow bearings are grease lubrication, the choice of No. 2nd Special fat, degree 265-295. The liposuction period of the bearing is 2000 hours, the filling amount of the grease is 1/2 (on the test) or 3/4 (under test) of the space in the bearing cavity, which must not be filled too much grease or it will cause the bearing temperature to be too high. The lipid-changing period of the spiral feeder is 4,000 hours, and the common calcium base grease is added.