What details need to be aware of when using the 30B Universal grinder
- 2019-01-24-

       30B Universal GrinderThe scope of application is suitable for dry crushing of various materials under 9 Yumo hardness, especially suitable for high hardness, high purity and ultra-fine. Material crushing, product granularity between d97:2-150 micron adjustable, good grain shape, narrow particle size distribution. Feed granularity, more than 30 mesh, the finer the material output, if the material is thicker can be put in front of a coarse shredder, the lower the moisture, the better. Feeding method, the use of closed silo + variable frequency spiral control + pneumatic conveying feeding method, quantitative controllable. Feeding method, select the material silo + frequency conversion spiral control + double pneumatic butterfly valve feeding method, quantitative controllable. Discharge method: After the dust collector or cyclone drop feeder, according to customer demand installation of electric discharge valve, pneumatic butterfly valve or manual butterfly valve. Product quality, there is almost no pollution of the material, the inner wall of the equipment can be added ceramic slices, greatly extend the service life of the equipment. Working environment, no special requirements for the workshop, no dust on the site, no pollution, negative pressure system, temperature control, with the role of constant temperature control, 24 hours a year continuous production without temperature rise, Zui high temperature ≤25℃.

When we use the 30B universal grinder, sometimes the fuselage will oscillate fiercely, then what is the reason for the fierce oscillation of the grinder, let's take a look. Repair and installation of Hammer plate installation fault. When the hammer is turned around for use, in order to avoid the loss of balance of the rotor components, all the Hammers in the grinder need to change the face to turn around, otherwise there will be a fierce oscillation in the operation. Corresponds to the difference between the two sets of hammer pieces exceeding 5 grams. The method of cleaning is to adjust the hammer piece component so that the difference between the two groups is less than 5 grams. Individual hammers are stuck too tightly and do not shake off during operation.

After the shutdown with the hand rotation observation, think of the method to make the hammer plate rotation sensitive. The components of other parts on the rotor are unbalanced, and the adjustment balance needs to be carefully checked. The spindle twists and turns deformation. The method of processing is straightening or replacing. Bearing clearance exceeds limit or damage. Generally choose to replace the new bearing talent treatment problem. The bottom corner fixing nut is not fixed tight or loose during operation. The method of processing is fastening.

30B Universal Pulverizer Grading Scale is wide, the machine on the different properties of materials, different specific gravity, different grain shape and different granularity of the adaptability, graded particles through a wide range of d97 up to 4~200um. High grading accuracy: complete and stable hierarchical flow field and reliable special seal, can be high sharpness classification of materials, particle size distribution is narrow, large particles control strict. High grading Power: The selection of low-speed vertical single-leaf wheel grading, coupled with a fierce eddy current field and fine powder extraction equipment, so that its installed power is small, large processing capacity, fine powder extraction rate is high, graded power up to 95%. With strong and lax equipment, the agglomeration materials can be useful dispersion and classification.