What are the precautions for high temperature trolley ovens?
- 2019-01-24-

       High Temperature Trolley ovenIt is a device that uses an electric wire compartment to heat the object to dry. belongs to the industrial large-scale production use of energy-saving oven, mainly used in transformer core, coil drying, painting cabinets and parts drying, rare earth drying, casting sand drying, motor drying and other uses. The use of trolley type in and out of the material, suitable for the automatic entry and exit of large quantities of workpieces. It is suitable for baking, drying, heat treatment, etc., 5~300℃ than room temperature height (some high 200 ℃), and the sensitivity is usually ±1℃. High temperature Trolley Oven model is many, but the basic structure is similar, generally by the box, electrothermal system and automatic temperature control system composed of three parts. Its use and precautions are summarized as follows:

1. The oven should be placed in the indoor drying and horizontal place to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. Pay attention to the safe use of electricity, according to the oven power consumption installed enough capacity of the power supply gate knife. Choose enough power wire, and should have a good grounding line.

3. The oven with an electrical contact Mercury thermometer Thermostat shall connect two wires of the electrical contact thermometer to the two wiring columns at the top of the box respectively. Another ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve (the thermometer in the exhaust valve is used to proofread the electrical contact Mercury thermometer and the actual temperature in the observation box) to open the hole in the exhaust valve. Adjust the electrical contact Mercury thermometer to the desired temperature after fastening the screws on the steel cap, in order to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. However, it is important to note that when adjusting, do not spin the indicator iron outside the scale.

4. When all preparations are in place, the specimen can be placed in the oven, then connected and turned on the power supply, the red light is lit to indicate that the box has been heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light extinguishes the green light and begins to constant temperature. In order to prevent temperature control failure, must also be looked after.

5. When you put in the test, you should pay attention to the arrangement can not be too dense. The heat sink should not be placed on the test products, so as not to affect the flow of hot air flow. It is forbidden to bake flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive articles.

6. When it is necessary to observe the sample situation in the working room, the outsider box door can be opened and observed through the glass door. But the box door to as little as possible to open as well, so as not to affect the constant temperature. Especially when working at more than 200 ℃, opening the box door may cause the glass door to plummet and break.