Take you to understand the product advantages of YK160 Swing granulator
- 2019-01-24-

  YK160 Swing granule MachineAfter making particles there is no classification of feed components, and particulate material is not easy to dust, in the feeding process particulate material on air and water pollution is much less than powder, products are sharp through the survival of the fittest, but with the development of science and technology in continuous innovation, now YK160 swing granulator has been widely used. Now, many manufacturers produce sub-products, in order to use more secure and assured, before use must read the relevant instructions, the product is not only applicable to one industry, but is used by many industries, in addition, it also includes the following advantages:

1, killing animal feeding guessing salmonella: Salmonella is consumed by animals in the body will remain in the animal tissue, people eat infected with the bacteria will get salmonella gastrointestinal disease.

2, can prevent animal picky food: with feed formula has a variety of materials, comprehensive nutrition, can prevent animals from powder guessing to choose their love to eat, refuse to ingest other ingredients phenomenon, because granular feed in the storage and feeding process can maintain homogeneity, can reduce feeding loss 8%~10%.

3, good fluidity, easy to manage: Many powders especially small specific gravity of the velvet feed, add molasses or high fat and urea feed is often glued to the material library. Because of the good fluidity of granular feed and the low incidence of adhesion, granular feed is popular for farms that use automatic feeder for large-scale farmed cows or poultry.

4, to prevent automatic grading of feed ingredients, reduce environmental pollution: in the process of powder storage and transportation because of the volume and quality of various powders, it is easy to occur classification.

In YK160 swing granulator, each component of the machinery is homogeneous by a straight mixing impeller and a individually driven shredder, and then participates in a binder for wet granulation in the same machine. In order to dry the product, the hybrid granulator can be planned into a single tank mgt-s (ready for stripping and vacuum cleaning). Size of Use: Pharmaceutical industry (tablet recipe granulation), Spice industry (mixed extract), cosmetic occupation (production of flour).

When the three-arm mixing impeller is close to the wall and bottom of the vertical cylindrical mixing cylinder rotates. Shape and circumference velocity are in harmony in such a way that the mixed products form eddy currents. Optional controls provide a variety of pre-boundary processing procedures. The operator selects the required process and enters parameters (e.g. mixing time, temperature, etc.). The selected process constitutes a intact process. The product moves through the horizontal slow straight plain, and even if the components have a wide variety of particle structures, stacking densities, particle shapes and surface conditions, they can move around the horizontal slow straight plane and mix quickly and centrally. If necessary, the individually driven shredder disperses any block in the product, ensuring uniform moisture and wet granulation, and providing a non-striped blend of colorants.