What problems occur when using the YK160 Swing granule machine
- 2019-01-24-

Generally speaking, granulation drying particles, irregular shape, uniform particle size dispersion, the structure is more perfect than other traditional granulation process, strong compression, good solubility, moderate moisture permeability. At different granulation speeds, particle size in the 12~100, dispersion range can be selected different granulation speed and mixing paddle speed to obtain (when the paddle speed is slow, the particle size becomes larger, the rotational speed gradually accelerates and the particle size gradually becomes smaller; when the speed of the mixing paddle is slow, the particle size is small, the rotational speed becomes faster and the particle size increases gradually, The effect of the two has just been the opposite).

The usualYK160 Swing granule MachineCan be used manually to adjust the speed of the mixing paddle and granulation paddle, in order to find out the experimental process parameters. That is, to find out two kinds of blade velocity through different time changes, to obtain zui good particle size parameters, according to this input two inverter, program control, so as to ensure the quality of batch and batch production stable, consistent.

First, the preparation work before commissioning and the experiment of empty vehicle

1. Check that the electricity, gas, and water in the workshop are in place and in standby.

2. Rotate the potentiometer switch on the operator panel counterclockwise to the Zui slow speed position.

3. Because the operation can not open the cover, automatic shutdown after opening the cover, to ensure safety, so it needs to be placed after the position can be started. From the pot cover mirror survey to see the mixing paddle, first press the mixing paddle Start button (green) to investigate the steering of the mixing paddle-should be counterclockwise rotation, such as the steering is not right, should be the motor into the line to shift, admit to turn and then start. In the slow rotation if there is abnormal noise, should be stopped to view.

4. Check that the steering of the granulator should be clockwise and viewed in the same way as above.

5. Debug gas seal, gas seal cleaning and water cooling system.

Gas seal and Gas seal cleaning is done by a set of piping together. When debugging, the instruction switch is first set to the stop direction, to investigate the air cavity has no gas water overflow or leakage, if there is a need to view the one-way valve. The second step is to dial the instruction switch to the intake position to see if there is gas. After Zui, the instruction switch is dialed to the inlet azimuth for water, and if there is an abnormality, check the diaphragm valve. Water cooling is in accordance with the pot body temperature and process requirements of the resolution, when the pot after the operation of heating and demand cooling can be opened to the cooling outlet valve, conditioning flow, flow large cooling fast. At the same time, it is determined that the required temperature setting is automatically performed by temperature control.