Teach you what the right way to use a 30B universal grinder is
- 2019-01-24-

       30B Universal GrinderThe main suitable for the Pulverizer determines its wide range of application, product fineness of high characteristics, typical materials are: ultra-hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., High purity requirements: ceramic color, medicine, biochemistry, etc., low temperature requirements: medicine, PVC. After the gas source part of the general air changes to nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas and other inert gases, can make the machine become inert gas maintenance equipment, suitable for flammable and explosive, easy to oxidize and other materials crushing grading processing.

30B Universal Grinder and Cyclone separator, dust collector, fan to form a complete set of crushing system. After filtration and drying, the compressed air is sprayed into the crushing cavity at high speed through the Laval nozzle, and the material at the intersection of multi-pressure airflow is repeatedly bumped, rubbed, cut and crushed, and the crushed material moves with the rising airflow to the grading area under the action of the fan, and under the strong centrifugal force produced by the high speed rotating graded turbine, To separate the coarse material, fine particles that meet the granularity requirements go through the grading wheel into the cyclone separator and the dust collector to collect, and the coarse particles fall to the crushing area to continue to crush.

30B Universal Grinder is widely used, as we all know, so do you know how to use it correctly? Here are some things I hope will help you.

1, the preparation before the boot

Check to see if the host, connector, pipe, and valve are in good condition and working properly.

2. Boot

(1) Open the compressor power supply, dust collector pressure valve and main valve, open the air flow grinder power switch, turn on the power switch.

(2) Start from scratch and gradually adjust it to the specified speed.

(3) Turn over the fan, cyclone separator, dust removal, charging motor power supply, open the total number of power boxes, set the frequency of the inverter, and then start charging.

(4) The granularity of the product can be adjusted according to the frequency and loading capacity of the grading wheel.

3, the order of downtime, stop is: inverter-feeder-Main air Valve-compressor-class impeller motor-cyclone material, dust removal switch-fan-total power supply-air compressor.

4. Maintenance and Maintenance

(1) The motor should be lubricated regularly, but the lubricating oil should not be excessive, to prevent the bearing temperature is too high.

(2) It is important to look at the wear condition of impeller, screw conveyor and broken nozzle.

(3) After crushing the material, the rubber powder in the machine should be sorted to prevent blockage, thus affecting the crushing effect.

(iv) After the use of the filter bag for a period of time, it should be cleaned or replaced.

5. Precautions

(1) When the unloading equipment is in operation, the unloading outlet cannot be reached to prevent the incident from occurring.

(2) The speed of the impeller can not exceed the requirements, otherwise it will make the temperature too high, damage the impeller and motor.

(3) The safety valve should be checked regularly to ensure safety.