The importance of YK160 swing granulator in the pharmaceutical industry
- 2019-01-24-

Swing particles are a new granulation process, which has been used and developed rapidly in the field of pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad in recent years. With the further implementation of the swing particle industry in the pharmaceutical industry, the market demand for related technical equipment has also appeared to expand the trend.

Swing particle technology, is a major strategic innovation in granulation technology, this model realizes the dealer and recognized particulate material pig farm into the granular material processing plant, eliminating many central links, reducing many central costs. For example: Transportation costs, marketing costs, processing costs, etc., to enhance their own terminal competitiveness.

Swing particles environmentally friendly and clean, saving dry environment, reducing pollution emissions, is currently widely used is also one of the most well-regarded pharmaceutical processes.

  YK160 Swing granule MachineIncreasingly in line with current drug production requirements

YK160 Swing Granulator mainly by the feeding system, commutative feeding system, kneading system, crushing system, front cover system, water cooling system, whole grain system, hydraulic system, body combination, cover plate combination, rotating screen system, such as a number of parts, in a completely sealed state to work, and all with the material touch parts to facilitate the disassembly of cleaning, Useful to avoid dust leakage, reduce the possibility of pollution, reduce the purification area, and increasingly in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

At present, the Domestic YK160 Swing granule machine manufacturers Many, domestic equipment can also basically meet the needs of the domestic market. However, due to the lack of technical research and development and different investment in the relevant enterprises, domestic equipment still has poor stability, high failure rate, the main problems are: roll bad, leakage, roll dislocation, large dust production, low finished product rate, difficult to clean, pressure instability and so on.

Experts pointed out that the Swing granule process is the emergence of the recent production of granulation technology, the advantage of which is to increase the appropriate amount of excipients in Chinese herbal extract powder, can be directly granulation, no need for wetting, mixing, drying and other processes, simple process, can effectively ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. With the continuous expansion of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, especially the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine process, swing particle technology and equipment will be further implemented. Domestic related production enterprises should strengthen technology research and development at an early stage, improve the existing problems of domestic equipment, and better meet the needs of the market.