How to deal with the problem of YK160 Swing granule machine discharge
- 2019-01-24-

      YK160 Swing granule MachineGranulation fast, good effect, planning special hole filter, careful sieve filter, its friction filter rod can crush the sieve filter solid particles, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry widely used. This function replaces the rocking granulator and is a new generation of granular equipment. YK160 Swing granulator is not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear.

YK160 Swing granulator is a rocking effect with a rotary drum, after the wire sieve can be wet powder raw materials into particles, can also be widely used as damage has become a block and becomes ready-made particles.

In chemicals used as wet powder into particles, drying for the suppression of tablets, but also can destroy during storage and condensed into blocks or in the chemical processing of the block, in the food industry used to treat sugar and sugar mixtures and malt milk and other products, in other industries such as ceramics, plastics and other mixed materials become molded particles.

YK160 Swing granulator before use to check the smooth situation of the roller, to see if the formulation of crude fiber is too high or other adverse components of the granulation is too high, adjust the formula or choose the appropriate aperture and compression ratio of the ring mold. YK160 Swing Granulator In the production is prone to plug problems, because the material water content is too high, this phenomenon mostly appears in the first boot, encounter such a problem before the start of water, you can first dry material granulation, preheating ring mold, slowly add steam to the temperature of the adjustment. YK160 Swing granule Press roller wear too much or pressure roller does not turn, die roller clearance, host load capacity, feeding uniformity, other mechanical faults caused by abnormal discharge.

Horizontal cracks cross the entire particulate material.

The cracks occur on the transverse surface of the particles, and only the particles have no twists and turns. This can happen when granulation of fluffy feed containing more fiber is made. This granular material is often in the feed into the ring mold granulation hole, because it contains a longer than the aperture of the fiber, when the particles are squeezed out, due to the expansion of the fiber effect of the particle material on the cross-section of the transverse crack, the occurrence of fir bark-like feed appearance.

The improvement method is to increase the compression force of the ring mold on The feed, that is, to increase the compression ratio of the ring mode, to control the damage fineness of the fiber, its zui large length can not exceed one-third of the particle size, reduce the yield to reduce the speed of the feed through the mold hole, increase compactness; When the powder moisture is too high or contains urea, it is also possible to have the appearance of fir bark-like feed, and the increased moisture and urea content should be manipulated.