VHJ Mixing Machine

VHJ Mixing Machine

Product Details

I. Overview:

VHJ Series type Mixer series of products for high-efficiency asymmetric mixer, it is suitable for chemical, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries of powder or material material mixing. The machine structure is reasonable, simple, the operation is closed, the incoming and outgoing material is convenient, (artificial or vacuum feeding) cylinder is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean, is one of the root equipment of the enterprise. If a hybrid machine, such as a two-dimensional motion mixer, orThree-dimensional motion mixerInterested, welcome to inquire.

Second, the principle and structure of the machine:

At one end of the machine is equipped with motor and reducer, motor power through the belt to the reducer, reducer and then passed the coupling to the V-barrel, so that the V-barrel operation, driving the barrel of materials in the barrel of the upper, lower, left and right mixing, because the V-type mixed container material activity is smooth, will not damage the original material Therefore, the V-type mixer is also suitable for the mixing of brittle and wear-prone granular materials.