Three-dimensional motion mixer

Three-dimensional motion mixer

Product Details

First, the product overview

That paragraphThree-dimensional motion mixerWidely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, light industry and scientific research units, can be very evenly mixed with better fluidity of powdery or granular materials, so that the mixed material can reach the Zui mixed condition.

In the work, because the mixed barrel body has multi-directional operation action, so that all kinds of materials in the mixing process, speed up the flow and diffusion, while avoiding the general mixer due to centrifugal force occurred in the material proportion segregation and stacking phenomenon, mixed without dead angle, can effectively ensure the zui of mixed materials good quality. Structure: The machine is composed of chassis, transmission system, electrical control system, multi-directional movement mechanism, mixed bucket and other components, with direct contact with the material mixed barrel selection of stainless steel materials, barrel body inside and outside the wall are polished. Fully compliant with GMP requirements.

Second, the characteristics of the equipment:

Because of the multi-directional movement of the mixed barrel body, the material in the barrel is interspersed with many mixing points, the mixing effect is high, the uniformity can reach more than 99.9% Zui the large loading coefficient can reach 0.9 (the general mixer is 0.85), the mixing time is short and the efficiency is high.

The machine mixed barrel shape design common, barrel body wall through precision polishing, no dead angle, do not pollute materials, discharge bento, cleaning easy to operate simple and so on.