Screw Belt Mixer

Screw Belt Mixer

Product Details

I. Overview:

The model consists of four parts of the transmission organization, horizontal cylinder, plow knife, flying knife, the material in the plow knife effect along the cylinder wall for axial activities, when the material flows through the flying knife by the high-speed rotation of the flying knife spilled, so that in a short period of time to reach a uniform mixing.

Second, the characteristics:

The mixing time of this hybrid machine is short, and it has good adaptability to the mixing of materials with large particle size and density difference. The structure characteristics are particularly suitable for adding liquid mixing and wetting granules, and the particle size is between 0.3-3mm.

Third, the scope of application:

Used in chemical industry, medicine, veterinary drugs, food, feed, feed additives, plastics and other industries solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-liquid (powder added a few liquids) mixing as well as wet particles, ganzao and other composite processes; especially suitable for the mixing of viscous or colloidal additives.