Two-dimensional motion mixer

Two-dimensional motion mixer

Product Details

First, the principle:

  Two-dimensional motion mixerMainly by the rotary cylinder, swing frame, rack three parts of the composition. The rotary cylinder is mounted on the swing rack, supported by four rollers and axial positioning by two retaining wheels, of the four support rollers, two of which are dragged by a rolling power system to cause the rotary cylinder to roll; The rocker is driven by a set of handle pendulum rods, the crank pendulum is mounted on the rack, and the swing frame is supported by the bearing assembly on the rack.

Second, the characteristics:

The rotary cylinder of the two-dimensional motion mixer can carry out two motion at the same time, one is the rolling of the rotary cylinder and the other is the swing of the rotary cylinder with the swing frame. The mixed material in the rotary cylinder with the rotary cylinder rolling, flip, mixing at the same time, and with the swing of the rotary cylinder and left and right mixed movement, under the joint action of the two movements, the material in a short period of time to get abundant mixing. The machine is suitable for mixing all powder and granular materials.