Groove Mixer

Groove Mixer

Product Details

I. Overview

The Groove mixer is used to mix powdery or pasty materials so that different materials are mixed evenly. is a horizontal Groove single paddle mixing, stirring the paddle for the shaft type, easy to clean. Contact with the object all selected stainless steel, has a good corrosion resistance, mixing tank can actively flip the inverted material. The equipment thoroughly handles the problems such as low uniformity and dead angle caused by different gravity of the material. This equipment selects the five-axis belt flying knife mixing structure, can effectively slack all kinds of short fiber. If you want to learn about other types of mixers, such asTwo-dimensional motion mixer, you can follow our website or call for detailed consultation.

Second, the use

The equipment can be satisfied with different, functional requirements of dry powder, wet materials, particles, short wire mixing, widely used in: medicine, chemical Industry, food, mining, agriculture and other industries.