Vacuum oven

Vacuum oven

Product Details

I. Overview

The so-called vacuum drying, is the drying material in the vacuum conditions, heating and drying, and the use of vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidification, speed up the drying rate. Note: If the condenser is used, the solvent in the material can be recycled through the condenser, such as the use of water ring vacuum pump can not need condensers, saving energy investment.

Second, the scope of application

Suitable for low temperature drying of thermosensitive materials that are easy to differentiate, polymerization and metamorphosis at high temperatures; it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.

Iii. Structural Features

1. The boiling point of the material solution under vacuum is reduced, so that the heat transfer driving force of the evaporator increases, so the heat transfer area of the evaporator can be saved by the certain heat transfer.

2, evaporation operation of the heat source can be used low-pressure steam or waste heat steam.

3, evaporator heat loss is less.

4, before drying can be disinfected treatment, drying process of any impurity without mixing, in line with GMP requirements;

5, belongs to the static vacuum drying, so the composition of the drying material will not be damaged.

6, Flat heaterVacuum drying oven