Vibration fluidized bed Dryer

Vibration fluidized bed Dryer

Product Details

I. Overview

Material self-feed imported into the machine, under the action of Oscillation force, the material along the horizontal fluidized bed throwing, forward continuous movement, hot air upward through the fluidized bed with wet materials heat transfer, wet air after the cyclone separator dust removal by the exhaust 1:3. The dry material is discharged from the discharge of the discharging material.

Second, adapt to materials

This paragraphDrying BoxApplicable to chemical, pharmaceutical, chicken essence, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, mineral deposits and other industries of powdery, granular materials drying, cooling and other work. such as: Citric acid, MSG, borax, ammonium sulfide, compound fertilizer, Lola L, Silk, soybean meal, distillery, seeds, slag, sugar and so on.

Third, the function characteristics

1, oscillation source is the use of oscillating motor drive, smooth operation, easy maintenance, low noise, long life.

2, fluidized symmetry, no dead open space and blowing phenomenon, can obtain uniform drying, cooling products.

3, good adjustable, suitable for wide width. Stepless adjustment can be achieved by the thickness of the material layer and the speed of movement in the machine, as well as the change of the full amplitude.

4, the appearance of the material damage is small. Can be used for the drying of fragile materials, material particles irregular when also do not affect the role of operation.

5, the selection of a fully enclosed structure. Effectively prevents the material and air between the interspersed infection, the working environment is clean.

6, mechanical efficiency and high thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect is good, than the general drying device can save 30,160 per cent.