Microwave Drying Machine

Microwave Drying Machine

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WBG Series Microwave VacuumDrying Box, is a modern plc intelligent control skills, combined with microwave energy application technology, and vacuum drying skills combined with a comprehensive high-tech drying equipment. It has the simple operation of intelligent control, microwave energy strong penetration force, vacuum low temperature evaporation and other three interests, so has six advantages: extremely fast drying, low temperature drying, elimination of carbonization, improve yield, ensure activity, sterilization tool.

Microwave drying is a new drying method. When dry, the microwave can directly act on the dielectric molecules converted into heat energy, because the microwave has penetration performance so that the media table heating together, do not need heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast, the water content of less than 30% of the food, drying speed can be reduced by hundreds of times times. At the same time, regardless of any shape of the object, because the object's media table heating together, the material in the table temperature difference is small, heating is uniform, there will be no conventional heating in the appearance of external coke conditions, so that the quality of drying greatly improved.