Trolley Electric Oven

Trolley Electric Oven

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I. Overview

Trolley self-driving oven can be used by factories and scientific research units for baking, drying, heat treatment, disinfection and heating, insulation and other process equipment, widely used in metal workpiece low temperature tempering, annealing, aging treatment and heat installation process, not only to ensure the quality of workpiece processing, but also to improve production efficiency. The trolley is equipped with a drive device, which automatically enters and goes in and out when the switch is turned on. The operating temperature of the box can be used from room temperature to Zui high temperature, Zui high application temperature, care about the selected temperature at constant temperatures can be borrowed by the electrical control system to actively control the temperature. The left and right side of the studio is equipped with heaters and airway, the top of the studio has a blower, by the blower will be the air in the box through the airway for mechanical convection, so that the temperature of the studio evenly consistent. The temperature control of the oven is automatically controlled by electronic temperature regulation, thermocouple sensor. At the same time, we also produceHigh Temperature Trolley ovenAndHot air circulating drying ovenWait, want to know can pay attention to our official website.