Double cone rotary vacuum drying box

Double cone rotary vacuum drying box

Product Details

I. Overview

SZG Double cone rotary VacuumDrying Boxis in combination with the domestic skills of similar products developed a new generation of drying device, SZG double cone rotary vacuum dryer with belt, chain two-stage elastic chain method, so the equipment runs smoothly. Specially designed tooling, fully reflects the two axes of good concentric, heat media and vacuum systems are selected with reliable American technology rotary joints. On this basis, we have developed szg-a, which can not only speed speed regulation, but also can carry out constant temperature control.

Second, the principle

Heat energy (such as hot water, low pressure, steam or heat conduction oil) is passed into the closed interlayer, and the heat is transmitted through the inner shell to the dried material. Driven by power, the tank rotates slowly, the material in the tank is constantly mixed, and then reaches the enhanced drying intent.

The material is in a vacuum condition, the steam pressure drops so that the moisture (solvent) of the material appearance reaches the saturation condition and transpiration, and the vacuum pump is discharged and recovered in time. The internal moisture (solvent) of the material continues to penetrate, transpiration, discharge, three processes continue to carry out, the material in a very short period of time to achieve the intention of drying.

Iii. Features

When heating oil, choose automatic constant temperature control, can dry biochemical products and mineral materials, temperature can be between 20~160℃.

High thermal efficiency, more than twice times the progress of the general oven. Direct heating, the material will not be contaminated, in line with (GMP) requirements. Equipment repair operation is simple, easy to clean.