Hot air Circulating oven

Hot air Circulating oven

Product Details

I. Overview

  Hot air circulating drying ovenIs the traditional drying room replacement products, after several upgrades, so that the efficiency of the oven from the traditional baking room 3-7% to 45%, higher up to more than 50%, to reach the advanced level at home and abroad. And in 1990 by China's Medical administration issued the industry standard, consistent model for RXH, it is the use of steam to supplement, and then from the drain, and constantly replenish fresh air and constantly discharge hot and humid air, so as to adhere to the appropriate relative humidity in the oven. The main feature of this oven Zui is that most of the hot air circulates in the box, then increases heat transfer and saves energy. It is the use of forced ventilation to reduce the upper and lower temperatures. I plant the oven, are equipped with split air equipment, users can use the forward wind vane adjustment, so that the upper and lower temperature difference in the Zui good condition.

CT SeriesOvenWithout active control, the choice of 4-72 centrifugal fan, CT-C series oven all choose Axial fan, with the use of active thermostat system, and equipped with computer control system selection.

Second, the use

Hot air circulation oven is a general drying equipment, suitable for wide surface, rack type intermittent drying equipment, used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry materials, product heating and temperature removal. such as: Material medicine, raw medicine, Chinese herbal tablets, powders, size honey pills packaging, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, food, plastics, resins, electrical components, baking paint and so on.

Third, product description and related characteristics

1, heating heat Source: steam, electricity, far infrared, steam power dual-use, for users to choose.

2, the use of temperature: steam heating 50-140 ℃

3, electricity, far infrared temperature 50-350 ℃

4, commonly used steam pressure 0.02-0.8mpa (0.2-8kg/cm2).

5, with electric heating according to type I 15kw accounting, useful 5-8kw/h, and so on.

6, special requirements can be non-standard design.

7, the use of temperature greater than 140 ℃ or less than 60 ℃, to be noted at the time of ordering.

8, the factory drying car, baking plate scale consistent, can be interchangeable.

9, baking disk scale: 460x640x45