High efficiency boiling dryer

High efficiency boiling dryer

Product Details

I. Overview

Efficient boilingDrying Boxis for the GMP pharmaceutical industry planning of a common new type of high-efficiency drying equipment, the use of all stainless steel manufacturing, fine polishing treatment. High efficiency boiling dryer can be used with wet mixing granulator, swing granulator, screw extrusion granulator, mixing structure, regular ash cleaning, no dust.

Second, the working principle:

After heating and purifying, the air is imported from the lower part of the fan and through the hole mesh plate of the hopper. In the working room, through mixing and negative pressure to form fluidization, water rapid transpiration with the exhaust away, the material quickly dry.

Third, the use of:

1, medicine, food, feed, chemical and other fields of wet particles and powdery materials dry.

2, large particles, small lumps, viscous block granular materials.

3, grinding potato, polyacrylamide and other drying volume changes in the material.

Iv. Features:

1, fluidized bed for the circular structure to avoid the dead angle.

2, the bed set mixing, to avoid the agglomeration of moist materials and drying process to form a trench flow.

3, top bag filter for anti-static special fiber, safe operation.

4, flip the dump material, convenient agile complete.

5, sealed negative pressure operation, according to the GMP standard design.

6, the machine can also be in accordance with the requirements of automatic incoming and outgoing material design and manufacturing.